Rachael Watt had just accepted a job as Hotel Manager of Acre Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico. The good life became routine in the Baja. Until Fate left a box of little beating hearts on the property’s edge, for Rachael. Deliveries of sick and abandoned street dogs without futures, landed in her lap daily.

Trips to the vet, hourly eye drop feedings and decisions about life and death, on top of her full time job, became Rachael’s existence. And after weeks in Rachael’s loving hands they began to thrive at an unfathomable rate. Once they became whole she sought out their forever homes, and in 10 months Rachael delivered 42 little characters to their new families in Canada and the USA.

These Mexican dogs are joyful, funny and affectionate, with the distinguishing characteristic of gratitude. Rachael’s pack from Cabo are survivors who have captured the hearts of many through social media. They are referred to as Acre Dogs.

Although most of this story is happy, a great sadness at the loss of a few remains with Rachael. To acknowledge Rachael and lift her spirits, several Acre Dogs along with their families reunited in Vancouver, at BIGLOVEBALL Studios, as a surprise.


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