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wendy williams watt

In 2016, three years into the BIGLOVEBALL Project, artist Wendy Williams Watt created the 3″ BIGLOVEBUTTON. The seemingly simple statement pin was devised as a strategy to cause connection between friends and strangers. And it has done exactly that.

Sharing a BIGLOVEBUTTON is an exercise in courage to express oneself. Paying it forward becomes a personal exchange between people. An intimate and meaningful interaction. An acknowledgment in real time. Impossible to misunderstand.

A clear message on the front with instructions on the back:


Thousands of thousands of the tokens were paid forward, spanning several continents. The stories surrounding the connections would fill a book.

In 2020, with one to one interactions on hold, the first MONDO BUTTON was created. Made of fibreglass, anodized aluminum and stainless steel, it conveys an iconic message on a massive scale. Indoors or outdoors, the immaculate fine art piece is both powerful and moving. Displayed publicly and blatantly, the passer cannot ignore the enormity of feeling in its presence.

6′ Mondo Button
Artist Wendy Williams Watt

Wear this BIGLOVEBUTTON long enough to absorb your good vibes. Then pay it forward and feel the feels. You are now part of something greater than yourself.

Sizes 6′, 39″, 29″

Material gel-coated fibreglass with etched anodized aluminum backing and stainless steel pin

Mount flush or floating

Custom colour, installation and lighting options

Consult on public or private art by Wendy Williams Watt

Pricing available upon request


Mondo Button

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