The Pink Ring is symbolic of the strong circle of women whose reach extends around the world. It is a promise ring, a physical prompt to remind us to act with integrity toward one another. To wear this ring is to publicly declare accountability, approachability and openheartedness to mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.

Big Love Ball Retail Packaging for The Pink Ring Display


Upon placing the first Big Love Ball in the window of my studio people flocked to it.  I vibrated with a foreshadowing knowing that I could leverage the power of the piece. Heady with hunch I realized I could use Big Love Ball to directly talk to people. Lots and lots of people. Whatever it was that I felt a calling to say, I could say. Fast and far reaching, I could say it b i g g g e r. 

Now I am in a state of PINK. Feeling the rumblings of a controversy mounting  for y e a  r s I dove into PINK. Curious, I began to watch how PINK was showing up for women. I’d ask women their thoughts on PINK with the excitement of a kid rapping on a stranger’s door then running to hide in a prickly hedge.

 PINK is the single most controversial colour in the world. It has been for decades. Women either love it or hate it. Few are neutral. Those who adore PINK gush and those who don’t recount their very specific PINK e x p e r i e n c e. When presented a range women emphatically point to their shade of PINK. PINK is a  language. PINK is an emotional  temperature. Pink incites either dewy skin swooning or curled lip rejection. Bring forward PINK in a circle of women, and they will e l a b o r a t e. They will tell you PINK reigned their dreams or ruined their lives.

dewy skin swooning

I happen to love PINK. I never wore it as a child, and barely ever put it on my own baby girl, favouring navy or ecru. However I do fall into the centre of a peony of any shade of PINK, blissed and floating. I can taste fresh ice-cream, hear the rustle of crepe paper, feel hundreds of playful cherry blossoms kissing my face just  thinking of PINK. To me PINK is benevolent and nurturing. It represents compassion, kindness, and innocent matters of the heart. 

cherry blossoms kissing my face

 I am now offering PINK as expression of the c o m m o n a l i t y of women. As an invitation to bond. PINK as entry into a conversation. Recently Big Love Ball photographed and interviewed forty very different women in Vancouver. We used PINK as a t a l k i n g stick. We shared stories, laughter, and difference of opinion. PINK kept us safe. Pink made us vulnerable. I heard the word RECLAMATION many many times throughout the day.

Maybe PINK has not let us down. Maybe PINK is our birthright. What if PINK is the energy w i t h i n women that makes us loving,  intelligent, strong and p e a c e f u l. What if PINK is there for us to call upon as communication with one another, in an inaudible unless your female way, allowing us to know when to rise up and stand shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, hand in hand. 

We are all pink on the inside. 

– Wendy Williams Watt



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Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends.

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I teach a lot of young girls who are going to look at this ring and ask, Ms. T why are you wearing that pink ring?

And I will say I am wearing it for you.

– Raquel Teibert

High School Teacher, Activist